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NOTE: I have temporarily suspended registrations. We have some new programming going on in the background and while we complete these updates and changes we must keep new registrations turned off. Thanks for understanding. We'll open registrations in the coming weeks along with a bunch of new stuff for all to enjoy.


Welcome, I'm so glad that you are here. I am amazed every day how many new members this site attracts. Every morning I wake up and the first thing I do is to check my site for new visitors and members. I am so appreciative that it puts a smile on my face the entire day.


For those of you returning, be sure to check out our new daily posts on the Muse page. For those of you that are new here, the Muse page is a great place for you to check daily for my thoughts and updates on new discoveries (and old) in the dating circles online.


This week we are launching a new set of advertisements across the globe to help all of you get to those dates, lovers, or long-term relationships that all of you have such an interest in and now we are including for everyone Sophie's new guide to creating online dating profiles. In addition, in the coming weeks, we have a new guide coming out to help all of you that are on the shy side get those much deserved dating contacts. This new guide will take all the worry out of the equation and put you across the table, next to on the couch, or alongside someone at a picnic. Look for this new guide in the coming weeks.


Now to new business, many of you have written me and asked so many questions. Many of you want to know my age, many of you want to know where I live, and so many of you have asked is my name really Sophie Lareux. Well, Sophie Lareux is my pen name. I am an author and I have a new set of books coming out on Kindle very soon. At this time I will be keeping my namesake a secret. I can tell you this, that I am not the single or sole contributor to this website or my new Kindle book selection. I make no promises, but maybe someday myself and my collaborators will reveal ourselves. However, I don't see this for the foreseeable future. I hope you can respect this, and know that many authors began in the quiet space we call anonymity.